About Us

HIDDEN HIMALAYA founded in 2008 by Tsewang Yangphel from Zanskar. Hidden Himalaya is registered with the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism government authority and I have been working in the tourism industry for over 6 years. I have learned everything about this business from the bottom up--personalized itinerary planning, provisioning, leading treks, and guiding small groups and individual travelers throughout our glorious region.
At HIDDEN HIMALAYA we are geared to handle all modes of travel, from touring and trekking to river rafting and mountaineering. We have a professional staff trained to handle every aspect of your travel needs in a safe, friendly and knowledgeable manner. Our aim is to provide uncompromising service at a fair price, so that your journey with us will be an unforgettable most memorable and truly unforgettable "moment" in your life. Many clients have come back to us for 2nd and 3rd visits to our spectacular part of the world with such an unending ever-changing choice of new experiences.
Proudly, HIDDEN HIMALAYA is able to offer customized itineraries to suit the tastes and budgets of our guests---from the simple and humble to the more exotic and unique. Our professional tour and trekking guides are natives of this region with firsthand in-depth knowledge of the local peoples and their customs; the incredible geography; and the varied flora, fauna and wildlife. Our guides will become your friends as they vividly bring to life the history, culture and natural wonders that you will encounter on your incredible journey.